Tool Breaks Down How Much You Play [Steam Gaming]

Here’s another one for all you gamers out there – a nifty little homebrew utility which will help you figure out how much time you’ve spent playing each of the games in your steam library, which games you’ve actually played, which games you’ve never touched, and which games you spent the most time on.

For those of you who’ve got a bit of an impulse control problem, it could potentially help you keep your habits in check. It’s a little sobering discovering that you’ve only played about 5% of your 1000 game library, after all. Might inspire you to buy fewer games…or at the very least, get on top of playing the titles you do have.

The platform includes a number of different features to help players visualize their gaming habits- including pie charts! For those of you who like competing with your friends, you can also compare game time and libraries with everybody else on your steam friends list.

Those of you who are interested in checking it out can swing by the website here. Don’t worry – no login needed. All you need to do is visit the website, enter in your Steam ID, and you’re good to go.

via PC Gamer

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