[Infographic]: The Evolution of the Tablet PC

The development of the tablet PC has caused a revolution in the worlds of commerce and enterprise, a huge shift in how we communicate and connect with one another. If you were to say that the release of the iPad – and the flood of devices that hit the market immediately afterward – has changed the world, you wouldn’t be that far off. If you were to posit that they’ll continue to do so for the foreseeable future, well…

I doubt you’ll find many who would disagree with you.

Believe it or not, the iPad – the device that started it all – didn’t actually incorporate a great deal of new hardware, nor was it an entirely new concept. It wasn’t the technology so much as it was Apple’s approach along with Steve Jobs’ brilliant marketing that made the iPad the latest “must-have” device. It was a perfect storm of old ideas cobbled together in a new and innovative fashion. Today’s infographic takes a look at where the Tablet came from.

Titled “The Evolution of the Tablet PC,” it takes the form of a timeline stretching all the way back to 1987 – the year of the first tablet, called Z88, and ends in 2011; the year when the iPad 2 was released. There’s not much else to say here – it’s an interesting look into the past, and by reading the graphic, one can actually piece together a fairly decent idea of where Apple came from with the iPad.

The infographic can be found below, and you can click for a larger version of it.

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