[Infographic]: Objects on Demand – The Rise of the 3D Printing Revolution

There’s been a shift in the manufacturing core with the birth of 3D printers. People suddenly have the supplies – and the capacity- to manufacture their own goods, to some degree. Granted, we’re still not seeing the average user have access to industrial-level manufacturing capacity – it’s not going to change the world that much – but it’s still a revolution, of a kind.

We’re still seeing users with access to a manufacturing procedure – and capabilities – that even ten years ago we could only dream of. As the technology advances in complexity and market penetration, I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised to see people cobbling together their own high-quality action figures, among other things.

The degree to which 3D printers have changed the world – and the potential they have to change it further – isn’t something that should be ignored. The birth, development, and impact of 3D printing is the topic of today’s infographic. Fittingly, it’s titled “Objects on Demand: The Rise of the 3D Printing Revolution.”

“Every so often,” the infographic reads, “a technology comes along which disrupts the entire world in a profound way. Think of the internal combustion engine, the personal computer, the smartphone, and now 3D printing. This innovation allows users to cheaply, quickly, and efficiently produce three-dimensional objects straight from their computer. The possibilities of this technology are endless, and early adopters are already putting it to creative use.”

The graphic purports to explore the way 3D printing works, how the market is expected to grow, and the industries upon which it’s slated to have the most marked impact. The infographic can be found below, and as always, clicking on it will take you to a larger, more readable version. I’ll see you fine folks next time.

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