How To Avoid Speeding Tickets Using Your Smartphone

Speeding tickets suck. Not only are they ridiculously expensive, they can drive your insurance up to a premium. Whether they’re sent to you by mail or handed down by an imperious traffic cop… no one likes to receive one – particularly when it feels like one’s been wrongly accused or singled out.

See, traffic laws are meant to keep one’s driving standards within a reasonable limit. When tickets are handed out for people driving a mere five or six over the speed limit, it can get a little asinine.

Fortunately, there’s an app for that. :)

While it might not allow you to avoid speeding tickets altogether, it could definitely serve as a considerable boon for anyone trying to avoid getting dinged for not following the posted speed limit (though you should still follow it – safety, and all that).

It’s called Trapster. Once you’ve created an account and installed the app (sorry, it’s iOS only at the moment), you’ll be connected to over 17 million other Trapster users in what’s been billed as the world’s largest online driving community. Your phone will, as you drive, alert you to both speed traps as well as red light and speed cameras.

That’s not all the app does, either. It also keeps track of traffic accidents, traffic jams, and any other relevant roadway hazards which you might encounter during your drive.

The app is completely community-driven, and thrives on user reports. If you see anything you feel could negatively impact another user’s driving experience, you can report it with the app – other users can do the same for you. Reports can be voted on to ensure that nothing too bogus or outdated gets by the radar.

Like I said, it’s not guaranteed to help you avoid speed traps, traffic accidents, or other roadside hazards…but it’ll definitely help. And with it, you’ll be able to spot the most common hiding spots that the cops like to use.

via MakeUseOf

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