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Human beings have become increasingly visual as we’ve grown more accustomed to new media. Often, the best way to get one’s attention is with an eye-catching graphic, and the best way to convey information is via an organized, visual format.

That’s one of the reasons I’ve been posting so many infographics lately. I’m a wordy fellow, and I enjoy writing, but most of you would probably rather see a crisp, clear looking graphic that you can browse at your leisure as opposed to a wall of text, right?

It’s not really all that difficult to see why Infographics have gathered so much popularity. They’re fun, they’re interesting, and they’re easy on the eyes. Unfortunately, they’re not exactly simple to put together. It’s a bit tougher to make an infographic than it is to write an article. You’re going to need a bit of design knowledge, some fairly expensive software, and more than a little bit of time on your hands. As a result, not everyone’s really able to put together an infographic.

Thankfully, plenty of free (or cheap) platforms exist as an alternative to the rather intensive design process. is one of these tools. It’s quite simple to use. All you do is sign up for an account (it’s free) and you’ll have a whole host of reasonably powerful infographic creation tools at your fingertips. Creating an infographic involves selecting from one of several different available templates, all of which have the ability to add videos, text, photos, and even maps. Not bad for a free service, right?

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