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Most movie trailers these days are terrible because, like the movies, keep repeating the same things over and over time.

Conan O’Brien has a new show on TBS shortly.What did instead was shot all crap standard stencil window with something that is, honestly, said bad-ass.

What I am writing about this here? response sencilla.Si you will entertain people, blog, YouTube (also known as “vidblogging”), the illustration video record or what have they, won’t quo.Entretener status the personas.Todo you need to know about how do shown in the previous promotion.

[Infographic]: how mobile phones have changed media consumption

Today, having a smartphone (or, at least, a cell phone) today is similar to having a TV in the eighties or nineties: everybody just did it and who was not considered “strange”, “backward” or “behind” the times. Especially since the development of the iPad in 2010, mobile devices have become a common fixture in the home. This is, of course, not without a number of consequences.

The first of these is that, along with the Internet, mobility is changing the way of consuming, think and communicate. We use our devices for practically everything, from chat to surf the web to see videos of purchases to the Organization of our day. In turn, this trend is change how we access to means of communication, where we do our navigation, and when sees us and surfing.

At this point, I’m saying you a lot of things that you already know: it is obvious that smartphones and tablets have changed something fundamental about the way to connect with each other. People have been buzzing about him almost from the first day of the fashion of the mobile web.

Computer graphics of today, entitled “5 ways mobile devices way Americans have changed media consumption” quantifies the madness that surrounds the mobile use. Looks in detail at how much time Americans spend on their smartphones and tablets, at what time during the day most people use their devices, and which devices to. Finally, infographics concludes with the influence that have multiple media in customer purchasing decisions – as it turns out, we should not have cable TV out still. Apparently, approximately 57% of surveyed by Inmobi (the organization responsible for computer graphics) said that television exerts the greatest influence on their purchasing decisions.

As always, you can find a compact version of the graphics below, click on larger image.

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[Infographic]: Internet 2012 and mobile trends

Well, friends. That’s it, we’ve reached the end of the line. The last days of the 2012 have finally passed us, and we have advanced in 2013. Now everyone is looking forward – make predictions about the cool new things and new years resolutions we could see in the coming year. We’ll get to that soon – for the moment, let’s look back a little. After all, to find out where you are going, it is better first look from whence COMEST, right?

With this in mind, computer graphics of today, entitled “mobile trends & Internet 2012”, presents a list of statistics related to the State of the Internet in 2012. The chart begins with a brief look at global internet use statistics.

China topped the charts more of Internet users, with 513 million, while the United States was a distant second with 243 million. However, States came in first place for the highest number of 3 G, with 200 million subscribers.

Some other interesting statistics for computer graphics:

953 Million Smartphone subscriptions and subscriptions there were 6.1 million mobile phones in the bloge on smartphones 2012Android send units much more for much longer after the launch. This is probably due to both the release schedule short of Apple’s products coupled with the wide range of Android on the market devices.All Apple devices, the iPad seems to be more often purchased and send piece of technology after its initial release. The iPod comes dead past.

The infographic below. As always, click it for a larger version, and see you people tomorrow.

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A new use for properties: DOSBox

OS…Google’s properties do not so big a wave as they waited – i.e. who barely made a ripple. It is definitely a good idea, to be fair: Unfortunately, was one of those who only caught the interest of a very niche market. The problem, after all, with a portable ultra light as the Chromebook is that either…

It may be a little too light for the majority of users.

Anyway, we’re off the track. Today’s article is not about the successes or failures of the Chromebook. Rather, let’s talk about something that could make any entrepreneur user with your Chromebook (or a Chrome browser) if one is so inclined. Some time ago, I did a post about the native client of Google Chrome. Today, Reddit JulietteStray reminded me of a particular use for Native Client: two chrome old school games.

The Web site is known as NACLBox.com, and is just the ticket if you feel that the selection of games in your Chromebook is a little touch. Basically, it’s a DOSBOX cloud-based for Chrome. Right out the door, you have a decent selection of two games to choose, and the web site, which is based entirely in the cloud, offers a series of subscription plans for those of you who want to upload their own old-school titles. Sounds pretty good, right?

The entire project was designed by a fellow named Robert Isaacs, listen to the poster in Reddit talk about it, is very dedicated and hardworking.

So… which… is almost all I have to say about this. If you’re looking to play some impressive old-school games on your Chromebook, NACLBox is probably one of your best bets – especially if you have a little money to spend on a subscription. It could be just the ticket to spice things up if you feel that your Chromebook is a little bland.

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Protect yourself same shoulder surfers with 3 M screens privacy

Humans are curious, intrusive pets. It is in our nature to want to know things: what are our friends up, what that neighbor dragged across the street in his basement, what that guy in coffee shop is making on his laptop… you get the idea. As a result, if you are writing or working on something in a public place, you may not always have as much privacy as you would expect, there is always the odd looky loo around that gladly you snoop on your shoulder to try to find out what is on the screen.

Chances are pretty good that this is something that does not enjoy especially treat; especially if you work with any confidential information (although one could question why would manage such information in a public place). 3 M has come up with a unique, interesting, and – dare I say – innovative solution to this common problem. The privacy screen is called. How it works is through the installation of a ‘filter’ of plastic main screen of your device, using a series of small adhesive tabs. With the filter installed, you can easily see what is on the screen, if you are looking directly at the. Someone from an angle, however, will (theoretically) see nothing more than a blank screen.

What happens to work at the moment so it will be completely to safe from prying.

While still allow who are looking directly over your shoulder to see what is on the screen, they are still better alternative (Nothing).

Privacy screens come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes; 3 M designed for laptop computers, LCD and CRT desktop displays and even several portable devices (no word on what as well touch screens working with one of these gadgets installed on them). Those of you interested in winning one of these by itself can be obtained from the web site of 3 M. Note that are mostly designed for standard devices; MacBook may have some problems with the size.

Image credits:[1][2]

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How to block 99% of Google (and why you should not do it)

One of the most popular items here that I wrote back to very early 2010 is the mysterious 1e100.net. You may want to read before you read the rest of this for reference. That the article has been viewed thousands of times from people who want to know what the hell [subdomain] .net addresses.

There is only one way to block 1e100.net whole closely, and that is with two firewall rules based on the router. There is no way to block the 1e100.net completely through any adjustment in a browser or add on/extension. You can have NoScript, FlashBlock, Ghostery running at the same time, and 1e100.net will still make connections. If you have other products of Google as Google Talk, Picasa and Google Earth to name a few, 1e100.net is displayed. If you subscribe to RSS feeds that are basis of FeedBurner, using 1e100.net. If you have installed Google Chrome browser, a process in the background (at least in Windows) connects periodically to 1e100.net for updates. And even if you have installed without the udpater auto, chrome browser browser “phones home” three times to 1e100.net at each startup of the browser.

Then of course there are mountains of web sites (including this one) that uses Google Analytics to monitor traffic on the site. That there are many sites that use scripts through googleapis.com to the functionality of the site.

The vast majority of 1e100.net public IPs are in the range of through and through

If desired, you could block all these IPs with your router admin program.

Here is an example of a firewall rule:


This literally translates to is, “for all assigned by the router IPs in all ports, deny access to through 74.125.255. 254?.” Called “Google 1? and the second range of IPs” Google 2?.

In my router in particular, the final part of an IP address cannot be 0 or 255, hence the reason by the shown as 1 and 254 above.

When these two rules are in effect, 99% of Google’s content is blocked. I say 99% because there are other Google IPs blocks is the owner of other services that have.

Your internet experience will be significantly limited.

YouTube will not work. Gmail will not work. Many web sites that use googleapis.com will not work. Google search will only work of species.

You can really see how deep Google permeates itself over the internet when you actually block their IP ranges of 1e100.net. It breaks a lot of things, and for this reason that I do not recommend is blocking his IPs.

I’ve seen many forum threads over the internet where a lot of people who monitor your personal network traffic are all asking the same thing: “how to block ** ALL ** Google?” Well, now you have your answer. Mostly. Lock the two IP ranges mentioned through your router, and the majority of connections 1e100.net stops cold.

Again I say that I do not recommend the blocking of Google in this way will be broken because a lof of things you use on the internet.

How do you know that the block is working?

Download TCPView and run it.

Go to your web browser and load YouTube, a Google property.

Immediately will be a lot of connections to 1e100.net in TCPView:


Enable the firewall in the router rules.

Close your browser and restart it, then try to load again youtube.com.

This is what will happen in TCPView:


Rather than ESTABLISHED, you will see SYN_SENT, which means that a connection is being Treaty. But the connection will never end because it is locked. When you see a lot of SYN_SENT s [nothing]. 1e100. net, the firewall rules are working.

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5. The minor known good features of Google Earth

You may wonder whether there is Google Maps, which wish to use Google Earth? There are several things that Google Earth and worth having installed. Here are some of them:

Open the layers panel, deselect everything (locate master database at the top and click to deselect all), then expand the main database / reconstruction labels and reconstruction. such verification there out of 1st level management boundaries, names of level 1 and 2 ° Administrator level regions as Administrator:


Zoom in or out on the map (use your mouse wheel scroll so easily) until you see the borders condadas green-ish appear like this:


Good to know and use because:

In many States, counties imported bastante.En Florida, where lies the PCMech imported mucho.Por example, property taxes can wildly defer even for two counties that directly is bordering between sí.En Florida sales tax is also affected.

Google Earth has the ability to display not only the climate, but also animated activity.

Mark time and all the subcategories below:


Click the blue link information.

In the area of the map download you will see two links, one for the clouds and the other for radar:


Clicking on the link download for 6 hours radar will be notified of a new network link called radar animation and instructions on how to use it:


On the left side you see animated radar at temporary locations with a check. check this box:


The easiest way to see the map of radar in action is Zoom wide back to view activity radar, like this:


Animation bar will be at the top left of the map.

If you selected the animation of clouds, works the same way as the radar animation.

It requires a download but well worth.The link to get it is aquí.En that page, you will see a link to open in Google Earth.

What you get is impressive:


For the above example chose Miami International and establish animation slider all the way to the conformity


..other airports are available for viewing completo.varios flight routes.

An option of YouTube is the last checkbox when expanded gallery under layers:


This puts YouTube icons on the map should have any videos on the área.Si there, just click and see:


At the top of Google Earth is a clock that allows historical images icon:


… and opens this slider:


When you move the toolbar, Google Earth goes back to aerial photographs for years. for most of the places you can go back to the beginning of the 90.Si you zoom further back on the map and the slide bar to 1995, see portions of the sheet where black and white aerial imagery is available:


Historical images is still a feature until today is not included in the web-based Google maps and escapes me as why not hay.Si want than the old USGS photos online, you have to go to a site map for Microsoft to do so. strange but true.

Google Maps as well as still cannot compete with the cool (and useful) things get in Google Earth, which shows once again that in some cases still get more than programs installed locally compared to web applications.

Retro Friday: maps in older games used to be much better

In the following video, I’m playing Star Wars Jedi Knight: Mysteries of the Sith to show that when he is of FPS (first person shooter games), major titles at the end of the 1990s and beginning of the 21st century really did much better work when it comes to maps.

A very common complaint these days with FPS games is that too much emphasis on team online and little or no effort on the maps of actual games. The original Jedi Knight and the word games have absolutely enormous maps. Enormous, intricate, spacious, well designed, interesting (key word there) and fun to explore.

In the following video, I show the greater part of the first level of MotS. If a modern FPS, the game map would literally be less than half the size of what is shown. Without a doubt, in the new game the graphics would be awesome and the mechanics of excellent quality, but the map is so small that there is nothing to explore. Most modern titles have replaced rooms, passages and corridors with obstacles in place – and that sucks. This is previous games why were much better in the map Department.

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[Infographic]: a brief history of failures of Facebook privacy

Many of the people who say that online privacy is dead point to Facebook as an example. After all, Zuckerberg and his boys exactly have demonstrated skillful in the handling of the personal information of other people with great integrity. Facebook has a long history and failures of privacy under their belt color; one that seems to be more colorful with each passing day.

Are not all what great kindness, ironically.

Of course, the majority of Facebook users are most concerned about changes in the interface that are with where will your personal information. Hey, all gotta have priorities, right? Some people are worried about privacy; others are worried by chatting and playing Farmville. Not that I’m knocking Facebook here; more that only some mocking him.

It is, after all, as difficult to achieve without Facebook how to survive without a mobile phone. Some people still manage to pull it out, but for the rest of us; an integral part of our lives every day has become. Their integration into our personal lives is such that some more extreme psychologists (and employers) have, in a rather clumsy manner; He said that anyone who do not use the social network must be a psychopath of some kind (the fact that excessive use of Facebook has been associated with narcissism to weigh). Do at least, must be hiding something, no?

But we are diverting us from the track. Today, we have a little rather embarrassing infographic, which chronicles the failures of privacy of Facebook, flubs, cock-ups and head-scratchers. Since the recent scandal of Instagram to the abomination that the timeline is to accidentally restore people privacy settings, Facebook made some goofs rather large in years – which are thrown raw perspective when they look to the side.

Coincidentally, computer graphics also reports that Facebook is at the bottom of 230 companies in a Huffington Post customer satisfaction survey. Reasons cited concerns of privacy includes a changing product and large amounts of irrelevant advertising.

Anyway, computer graphics is below. Click for a larger version, as always.

via Mashable

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