Maximize Notebook battery life

One thing lacking the majority of laptop users all: a battery that stays charged enough for all its uses. When the battery seems to have crapped out on you, buy a new machine? Absolutely not! All you really need to do is learn how to better manage their resources. For more information, read on.

There are many factors attribute to the battery drain. Each component, either the CPU or the trackpad, eat battery power. How much energy consumed depends on things like the system workload and the temperature of the environment of the laptop. More peripherals were connected to your laptop and more hours of work involved, higher energy consumption. It also consumes battery power for each program, the driver and the service or task that runs in the background. It may also be called “pejorative” which don’t even have and integrated peripherals. Therefore, it is imperative to use as few peripheral attached or active as needed.
Even so, there are default values and loads the notebook manufacturer or sell puts in the battery of your laptop that are not easy to find and relieve. With this in mind, you must keep the battery consumption in any way that you can. However, you can still retrieve resources to optimize the computer battery life. Some of these tactics involve venturing into the notebook BIOS or interface Firmware Extensible United (UEFI) while others only requiring adjustments easily software.

Start by making a backup and a point of restoration, and then refer to the owner’s manual. What works great for some models of laptop will cause others running bad or stop working. Following are ways to help decrease the use of battery consumption:
• Keep your laptop cool – indoor use your system as much as possible. This will allow you to work with a dimmed screen.
• Turn off and disconnect all unnecessary and peripheral components.
• Set the software – start by disabling or uninstalling services and applications that are “resource hunger.” Update drivers, driver video especially, since this will help optimize the system while downloading the individual processes. These processes can be coding/decoding of video, from the CPU to the graphics processor dedicated hardware.
Please note that all programs and services that are loaded when Windows starts eating system resources. Therefore, you must disable those who do not want or need. To do this, you must start the Windows MSCONFIG system configuration utility and follow the following steps:
1. Click the Start button.
2. Type: MSCONFIG in the search field, press ENTER.
3. In the next window, select the Home tab for a list of all programs that are started as Windows loads. View all the services that it automatically starts, click under Startup type: MSC services in the search field, press ENTER.
4. Select all the programs that you want to disable (i.e.: Acrobat, Quick Time, Skype, etc. programs) by clearing the check box next to them.
5. To disable a service in the management utility, double click on and open a window. From the associated drop-down menu, change the startup type to manual.
6. Restart the system.
Although it is useful to have all the programs you use regularly start when Windows loads, some of them can be initiated manually. Most of the services in the list of the management facility is crucial to the operation of your operating system and therefore should not be removed. All you can do is read each one and their role in research then delete them are non-insurance are essential.
Again, you can disable unused hardware or peripherals integrated for conserving resources and extend the useful life of the battery. If you have for example, a cellular modem, integrated Bluetooth or a cabling Ethernet port is not required, turn off these will help reduce energy consumption and eliminating them to operate after Windows loads.
Integrated peripherals can be disabled in the system BIOS or UEFI in Device Manager. Although it is best to use the BIOS, this method is not feasible for many laptops. To determine if your laptop supports this, turn off and then turn it on. During the sequence of POST of home (until Windows loads), press del or F2 and then enter in the system BIOS. Select integrated peripherals menu, if it is available and see if the hardware that you want to delete appears there. If so, then disable it.
Also, you can disable hardware by using Windows Device Manager. Although this does not shut down the hardware, prevents its controller initialization during startup, thus preserving the memory. Simply click on start and type device manager in the search field and press ENTER. Expand your tree, find the list of hardware, right click and select Disable from the resulting menu.
Finally, consider reducing the brightness of the screen of the laptop. Dim to the lowest level that can be easily read without eyestrain.?

Publishnprosper is a writer and editor of the article who offers his facts from readers and tips on how to keep their computers and portable devices, networks and security and malware-free online. Also, readers can find coupons for programs Bitdefender or Kaspersky Anti-virus as well as other quality programs online.

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Search the contents of files quickly with file Finder

Search the contents of files quickly with file Finder | PCMech About of on advertising Site Map Contact Us write for us Got A Council?Prima Home software Web Mobile hardware forums Union 30,355 subscribers > recommended: click here to run a free scan for PC errorsSearch the contents of files quickly with file Searcherby Jason Faulkner on October 15, 2010 | View comments

I have previously written about all tool that quickly searches your hard disk for files concretos.El problem with this utility is only searches based on file name and not the content.For situations where you need to search for text within a file, check the file Searcher. utility

File Finder allows you to find any file in any location for any easy content and rápidamente.Buscador file includes a powerful regular expression you are looking for any file for any given regular expression engine or standard chain.

Search files does not require a predefined index to search as the utility based on the marcha.Se support the most common formats in the search, such as PDF, Office, HTML, RTF and TXT.

If you combine this with the utility, you should take most of all your search file all need handled.

Delete does not mean to delete a Web site

When I read articles like this, I facepalm because as I am concerned is a lot of nonsense of spreading FUD.

There is something to always remember:

“Delete” does not mean “Delete” in a website and not for years.

I will now explain why this is so.

Any size of company (Facebook, Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail, Gmail, MySpace, Twitter, etc.), web service obviously does not use a single server to handle all data. Several servidores.varios used thousands of them.Possibly hundreds of thousands. Servers are better network performance, servers for backup purposes, servers that act as redundant mirrors and several other tipos.cada literally used enterprise-level web service has its own cloud data.

When you make a request to the data cloud to delete something, is not deleted.Instead scheduled to be eliminado.Los files you requested to eliminated more likely it is that have their permissions changed and then queued for deletion at a later date by the web service data retention policy.

A data retention policy means web service to contain data for a specified period of time once requested are deleted.This could be anywhere from 90 days to three years, or nunca.Una time time elapses, then gone.Maybe.

“What perhaps?”

Yes, such vez.No available servers that post data, make keep them, or is legally responsible for him in any way.As such, the provider can contain data register indefinitely if they wanted, and that is just the way it is.

Furthermore, to make a request for deletion of data from an enterprise-class cloud isn’t exactly a process request to remove zippy.Una has to synchronize with the cloud and each single physical location made archivos.El which files get copied permanently deleted all in a service enterprise-level web is a miracle.

“Hey, wait a minute. means that I return to things that I deleted two years ago?”

I wish.

Would be super-duper-impressive-cool, say, service Gmail could request email that messages not removed from a certain date range is two years. I am sure that there will be many Gmail users willing to pay $ to.

Unfortunately, preserve your data, we are told is removed when we know that it is not, however, not we can access it.

If the data we publish will not truly deleted anyway, should we have access to it, right?

Funny how everything works not in our favour.

Several alias accounts vs email e-mail email

Most of you there are at least two e-mail accounts. You have your primary account for all your important stuff and the account of “use and throw” for everything else.

It used to be almost a requirement to maintain two e-mail as a countermeasure of spam accounts. However these days you’ll be much better using the e-mail alias just for the convenience factor.

Most people these days do not use customer e-mail, where it was easy to manage multiple POP accounts and IMAP. Given that almost everyone uses email in your browser now, maintain two accounts is a pain because you have to have two tabs open to check both accounts, or if you use the same email for switching on and off service to periodically check the second account.

Fortunately, the three great Yahoo! Mail, Hotmail and Gmail email providers make use of alias so that you can maintain a single e-mail session and manage your alias easily.


This is by far the easiest of the three to be used when you want to use an alias.

If your e-mail address is, any aliases can be added in instantly on only using the plus (+) sign and its aliases desired.

For example, if you send an email to, you will receive the email. The “myalias” part may be any alias you want to.

The only annoying part is that there is no way to turn off a Gmail alias. The solution to “turn off” an alias is set up a filter to any mail sent to that alias is put in the trash upon arrival.

Yahoo! Mail

Yahoo! form of alias called “Disposable addresses”, and unfortunately it is only available if you are a user of Yahoo! Mail Plus paid.

Although appreciation have the feature, the fact that it is only available if you pay $ 20 that a year is simply stupid considering Gmail and Hotmail offer free of charge.

The disposable address is available through options (top) > advanced options (left side) where you can enable or disable your alias easily.

If I remember correctly, Yahoo! allows alternative domains that use other than @ as @ and @


Alias management is very easy if you are upgrading to the interface of (which is free).

Click on the gear (top right) icon and select “More mail settings”, on the next page click on “Create an alias in Outlook”. From there you can select an alias that may be an, OR address. Very cool.

To the best of my knowledge, still only allows Hotmail 5 alias, however for the majority of the people which is more than enough.

In the case of privacy…

AND! Mail and Hotmail are the better of the two because you can create an address that contain absolutely no information in all main account.

At the end I recommend Hotmail on and! However by mail because Hotmail offers free of charge using aliases.

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3 Things Bing Maps makes it better than Google Maps

Everyone uses a map online from time to time, because today all but rather all have GPS (either a standalone or on your Smartphone), see the map in a bigger screen, as in the computer monitor, it is much easier to treat.

I find Bing Maps these days more because there are certain things that only makes it better. Here are three of them.

bing1 google1

Above: Left, right Google Bing.

Google Maps traffic information is informative, but lacks it one important thing: the construction information. These small triangles oranges in Bing Maps are icons you can do click and Bing will tell you what is happening there:


Things like this is important to know to seek information about the traffic.

This is a zoom-in to the Google Florida Citrus Park Town Center mall:


It is a mess. Red dots everywhere, many of which do not show any any information until you move the mouse or click on them.

Now Bing using the same property:


Each store is listed and shown exactly where are located physically in the Mall. For most small shops you can extend to read the text better. This is significantly better than what Google offers.

Google Maps has the best views of streets, no questions asked. When you want to see pictures of a particular street to eye level, Google can help.

A problem that arises however is that sometimes it is Google Street View literally blocked by things around the photo. Trees, posters, other cars, etc.

Google Maps when you want the slanted view which lets you see things better from the air, the 45 ° option is used:


This works, but it is cumbersome to use – especially when trying to rotate the map.

Bing bird’s eye view does a much better job, primarily because it is much easier to turn a map and see what they want quickly.

Bing Maps example: I’m looking at the South side of the property of the market town of citrus:


There are a lot of shops there, and I want to see the store so I can have a better idea than it seems.

With Bing Maps in bird’s eye view, there is no problem. Do turning 180 degrees.?


Now I can actually see shops and their signal.

And as soon as turning on Bing map it is stupidly easy to:


Rotate clockwise or counterclockwise. There is easier than that. Google Maps makes you drag this itty bitty around a ring icon (literally) only to do the same.

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Is the new role of “One Time Password” Facebook privacy number Waiting To Happen?

Is the new role of “One Time Password” Facebook privacy number Waiting To Happen? | PCMech About of on advertising Site Map Contact Us write for us Got A Council?Prima Home software Web Mobile hardware forums Union 30,355 subscribers > recommended: click here to run a free scan for PC errorsIs The New “One Time Password” Feature of Facebook another Privacy number Waiting To Happen? by Jason Faulkner on October 14, 2010 | View comments

This week, Facebook introduced a new feature called “password time”:

[W] e is launching a one-time passwords to make it more secure to use computers in public places as hotels, cafés or aeropuertos.Si has any doubts about the security of the computer you are using to access Facebook, we text you a temporary password to use instead of your regular password.

Simply text “otp” to 32665 on your mobile phone (u.s. only) and you will immediately receive a password that can be used only once and expires in 20 minutes.In accessing this feature, you will need a number of mobile in your account.[Emphasis added]

I think really really is an interesting feature, but the fact that you must provide Facebook (which had numerous problems with privacy in its short history) with his cell number use this is a great signal warning me

Call me cynical and skeptics and paranoid but provides this information to Facebook is opening the door for this information later to share / sell however Facebook.Basta wants a change of policy of privacy on Facebook and the next thing you know you are getting calls/texts on visa latest Facebook card or your Facebook “friends” (your know people never really speaking with) now have access to your number of celular.Una time more, judging by the history of Facebook believe that my concerns are valid.

As you probably know (or can indicate) I am not a user of Facebook, but for those of you who are will use this feature? what Le worries at all on the issues of privacy that could result from this?

How to get a good when Username all the good ones are taken

As time passes, internet is not necessarily get older, but there are more connected to the people and that number will continue to grow exponentially. This means that it will be more difficult times to get a short, easy to remember user name.

A solution to this problem is to do what guys pre-internet BBS and gals did back in the day and used what is now known as “netspeak” (a.k.a. “leet – speak”) to get the user name that you want and still keep short.

For example, the tree could be tr33, bike like b1k3, r0ad road and so on.

The following video shows how to easily create a new user name using and “translate” these shorter words netspeak so you can get the name you want.

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Don’t like a page. Make a difference

Hey there, ladies and gentlemen. Today, I’m going to pull a stage soon at your feet, and I am sure you’ve experienced before. It is an ordinary day and you’re there go about your merry business doing what they usually do on a regular day. At some point, as hundreds of millions of others, you decide “you know, I want to see what my friends are up.” “I think you check Facebook.” You start the session, it is immediately confronted by an update on status of one of your friends:

“Your child abuse awareness week.” “To support children subjected to domestic violence every day, change your profile picture to one you caricature that seen as a child.”

“Good, good,” figure, “abuse is wrong, and certainly do not want to be seen as support of her”.

So you can change your profile picture and publish a similar status update. Feel all warm and fuzzy inside and are happy that they showed their support to the millions of boys and girls who are battered, bruises and scars each year. Hooray for you! You’re a good person!

Except not really achieve anything. You have just purchased the illusion of realization, that can make your own mind to rest. Guess what? If you had spent the five minutes that had to change its image and write to update Memebase, navigation or cracked or tropes of TV… It would have achieved so much.

I am not hitting the social media. I love it. A incredible tool of awareness, is communicate with others and usually only have a voice in the vast, terrifying world of the Internet. Having said that… knowledge is only the first step. If simply update their status and languidly sit there stewing in a funk of self-satisfaction…

You’re part of the problem.

Perhaps I’m being too harsh, but the truth is that if you really support a cause; If you’re really against something, not only as a page, or publish a single status update. Go out and do something about it. Do you know of any organization that is aligned with the cause? Donate to them. Do you know of volunteer opportunities? Lend a hand and make a bit of extra work on the side. Sign petitions online. Contact with people who materia-personas that can help you to make a difference.

Social media s an incredible tool to help through social movements and causes, to be sure. But like any tool, it is only as useful as the person that grasps it.  Not only update your status and leave it to rot. Not be that boy/girl. If you really want to do something…

Go out and do it.

Image credits: [[ ]]

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Use the iPhone as a wireless keyboard and mouse

Use the iPhone as a wireless keyboard and mouse | PCMech About of on advertising Site Map Contact Us write for us Got A Council?Prima Home software Web Mobile hardware forums Union 30,355 subscribers > recommended: click here to run a free scan for PC errorsUse your iPhone as A Wireless Mouse And Keyboardby Jason Faulkner on October 12, 2010 | View comments

A really cool OS iPhone stumbled on another day sound application was the possibility to use it as a fully functional wireless mouse and keyboard on the application of mouse touch.

Here’s the full description:

Touch mouse by Logitech your iPhone or iPod touch in a wireless trackpad and keyboard for your computer turns.

You plug your computer to your TV?Tactile mouse is the perfect solution when you want to stay in control from the comfort of your sofá.Punto, click, scroll and type in any application – on a Mac or a PC.

Tactile mouse works over WiFi, so you can use anywhere in the casa.Y to make writing easier text displayed on the screen of your iPhone or iPod touch as you type, so you can see what you’re doing without having to continually look up and down.

The second paragraph is where can I see this being useful. for an HTPC, not having to get a keyboard and mouse to use the system can be incredibly useful for situations where remote control not easily what you need.

However, one of the requirements is to install the “Server” software in each of the computers you want to use in the form that accepts commands. still, this is a shorter configuration, that probably only takes a minute or two to install.

How to modify the date of dispatch of an email

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Email is nothing but plain text. There is nothing about it that needs to be “decoded” in any way unless the way it’s stored isn’t in a plain text fashion (like an Outlook OST/PST file).

Over time you may have had to change email addresses, and as such had to forward messages from your old address to your new one. When that happens, the date on the email changes because it is technically a new message at the time of send.

You can manually change the date of any email to reflect when it was originally sent. It does require doing it “by hand”, and a mail client must be used for proper export/import.

Windows Live Mail, Microsoft Outlook, the old Outlook Express 6 and the latest version of Mozilla Thunderbird do allow drag-in/out copying of emails from the client to the desktop. For this example we’ll be using Windows Live Mail.

Here is what the forwarded message looks like in the inbox:


What I want to do here is change this so it reflects the original send date. To get this information, I open up the email:


The original send date was September 28, 2010 at 5:55pm. This information may not be displayed the same way in your mail client, however it will be in there somewhere.

At this point I drag the email outside of the mail client and on to the Desktop to make a copy:


…then right-click and edit with the Notepad++ text editor.


Note: It’s highly recommended you install the Notepad++ text editor as it will make this process much easier to complete, being that it inserts a right-click context menu entry so you can edit files quickly and easily. Otherwise you’ll have to launch Windows Notepad manually and manually enter in the location of the EML file you want to edit on your Desktop.

In Notepad++, search for a line that starts with Date:, like this:


The date header in email is always in the format of Abbreviated Weekday, Day of Month, Abbreviated Month, Year, 24-hour Time of receive, Time Zone.

From the time/date information I found in the email itself, it needs to be changed to September 28, 2010 @ 5:55pm, Eastern Standard Time. This would be written as:

Tue, 28 Sep 2010 17:55:00 -0400

You can find the original weekday by using your Windows Calendar (double-click the clock, adjust date to the time of original send and you’ll see the day). You can also use alternative calendars like Yahoo! Calendar if you don’t feel like using the Windows one.

Now I have this (I also removed the “Fw:” portion of the subject line):


The only other header I look for is Received:, and if I see it, I modify the dates for those as well:


Important note: “Received” may or may not be there within the email, but if it is, you’ll need to change it to match “Date”, otherwise Windows Live Mail will read Received first and ignore Date completely.

Once modifications are complete, I save the file and exit the text editor.

After that, I simply drag the email file from the desktop into the mail client’s inbox, and…


Success. The email has had its date changed appropriately.

Watch for other date header types

Whenever modifying the date of an email manually in this fashion, you have to thoroughly look through the entire message while editing it to make sure all receive dates are changed to suit.

Microsoft uses “Received”, but other clients may have their own custom date headers besides that. Look for any instance of a date and you’ll spot them easily.

As to why different clients use different mail headers, I have no idea. They all should use the standardized “Date” and nothing else, but don’t.

What if the email has file attachments?

You can still edit the email regardless because the mail headers are always at top. However this is even more of a reason to use Notepad++ because it can handle large text files easily. As long as you don’t touch anything in the portion of the message where the attachment is (it will look like programming code), it should remain unaffected when you import the message back into the mail client.

Does manually editing email files corrupt them?

As long as you use a text editor that’s proper for the job (again, Notepad++ to the rescue here), the message will not be corrupted.

Can I change things besides the receive date?

You can change anything you want. The ones you’ll most likely want to change are “From”, “To”, “Date” (obviously) and “Subject”. Bear in mind that like with “Date” and “Received”, you may also have to deal with additional headers depending on which mail client sent the message originally.

Is there any way to mass-change a batch of emails?

No. It must be done manually. Yes, it can be a royal pain in the neck to get done (especially if you have many messages to modify), but the manual way is the only way.

If the email account is Hotmail or Gmail via IMAP, will the new date be reflected immediately once I import the modified message into the mail client?

Yes. Both Hotmail and Gmail will read the modified date header appropriately.

Can I use this method to modify emails sent by me in the past?

If you were placed in the situation where you forwarded all your sent mails to your new email address and want to change them back to how they were originally without the forwarded information, yes you can do this. The “sent” folder is treated just like any other email folder location.

Can I use this method to send “future” emails?

No. The import of emails is completely different from the mail server actually sending them.

Once I’m happy with the modified emails I import into my client, is it safe to delete the old ones?

Yes. The messages you import will be treated as separate, so it will not affect the modified messages you import. However it is recommended that instead of deleting the old mails you move them to a backup folder just in case something goes wrong.